Tracer Task

Tracer Task

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Provides location-based project tracking and management. When we look at the system, there are 5 main topics.

  • - Staff Management
  • - Project Management
  • - Customer Management
  • - Material Management
  • - Field Tools Management


What Tracer Task Offers?

  • - Provides the management of field operations took place in Turkey or abroad from a single center.
  • - Provides that business processes can be analyzed and predictable.
  • - Provides next-generation personnel attendance control system by receiving location information.
  • - Personnel can be assigned through the system. If authorized, personnel may appoint a task.
  • - Real-time staff tracking with map feature.
  • - The stages of the task are displayed on a timeline.
  • - Personnel can get directions via mobile application on their way to the task.
  • - Reports of tasks and end-of-day reports can be shared with the customer if requested.


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