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Trigger the butterfly effect in your business. The smallest positive impact of an accurate and affordable digital transformation move on your business processes will have great positive results in the future.


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Business process management has never been easier with Tracer, your biggest step in digital transformation.

A Paragon Technology Inc. Brand of Tracer is an integrated system. Developing on the project, personnel, and customer axis; It offers a comprehensive business process management that expands with topics such as material, stock, field tool, accommodation and reputation management. Tracer, which offers 3 separate solutions in itself, is updated every day. We continue to work to offer new solutions.

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If One Thing Changes Everything Changes

Meet our solutions by which you can create a common working platform with your employees and business partners! You can start using our systems within a day. In this way, you can quickly analyze and achieve predictable business processes. Click the button below for more information about Tracer Task, one of the most preferred business process management systems of recent times!

Tracer Task

Location-Based Project Tracking and Management

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Our Spectacular Features

Trigger the butterfly effect in your business.

The smallest positive impact of an accurate and affordable digital transformation move on your business processes will have huge positive results in the future.

Mobile Application

All transactions on the web are also carried out with a mobile application downloaded from the AppStore or PlayStore..

Cloud Based Usage

With cloud technology, you can follow your business anytime, anywhere and manage the process.

Reporting and Analysis

It plays an important role in your decision support mechanism. It allows you to act with foresight.

Data Storage in a Single Center

All data about job details, project, personnel and vehicles are stored in a single center.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a user-friendly interface that is compatible with all platforms and is easy to use.

Fast and Easy Project Tracking

With the digital transformation provided by Tracer, business processes become systematic and easy to follow.

İşiniz İçin Çağa Uygun Süreç Yönetim Sistemi

Why Tracer?

In our opinion, all businesses are factories, no matter what sector you are in. Your production can be a product, service or information. Managing your business process effectively is the golden rule. The Industry 4.0 era shows us that business processes should be systematic and traceable, as well as the next steps should be predictable. With Tracer, you can easily systematize your business process, regardless of the sector you are in. Moreover, you can shape your next steps with smart reporting.

What is Tracer?

Today, which is called the information age, business processes should be rational, efficiency-oriented and analyzable. However, workload or other reasons can cause you to skip most of the rules we know or do not know. Tracer, a business process management system, provides you with meaningful analysis while facilitating your work with complete project management and reporting.

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Tracer is the first company to work with the dealership system for Cloud-Based Software. Our goal is to transform our stakeholders that we set out into a company or person that produces technology solutions at close to zero cost and to share our achieve

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Our company has ISO 9001 and 27001 certificates. In addition, when you purchase the system, you will ensure the security of your company data with the contracts you sign.
You will only be charged an additional fee if the number of staff specified in your package is exceeded. You can also add as many customers as you want, the number of customers is not charged at all.
We renew the system every day. While making these innovations, we take into account the current technologies, agenda, business world and your notifications.

Find the Best Solution for Your Business

You can see Turkey's most preferred business process management software Task Tracer monthly and yearly packages below.

Tracer Task 2

Konum Bazlı Görev Yönetimi ve Takip Sistemi
12 Kullanıcı Lisansı 288.000 TL+ KDV olarak yıllık peşin ödenir.
Ek Kullanıcı Aylık Fiyatı 2.000 TL +KDV olarak yıllık peşin ödenir.
  • Yeni Nesil Personel Devam Kontrol Sistemi (Harita ile)
  • Proje Yönetimi
  • Proje Adımlarını Zaman Tünelinde Görüntüleme
  • Görev Atama
  • Personel Yönetimi
  • Müşteri Yönetimi
  • Malzeme Yönetimi
  • Saha Araçları Yönetimi
  • Raporlama ve Analizler
  • Personele Özel Panel
  • Mobil Uygulama Kullanımı
  • Bildirim ile Anlık Görev Takibi
  • Haritadan Yol Tarifi Alma
  • Günlük Yapılacak Görev Listesi
  • Çalışma Süresini Görme
  • Kendine Görev Atama(Yetki Dahilinde)
  • Görev Bitiminde Rapor Gönderme
  • Gün Sonu Rapor Gönderme
  • Göreve Dair Fotoğraf Çekme
  • Bekleyen
  • Devam Eden ve Geçmiş Görevler Listesi
  • Müşteriye Özel Panel
  • Proje Süreçlerini İzleme
  • Mobil Uygulama Kullanımı
  • Raporların Mail & PDF Olarak Alınması
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