Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how we collect and use information in the course of your Tracer usage.

1. Definitions


"Customer” means Tracer customer.

“Customer Data” means personal data, notes, reports, addresses and other information stored by a User in Tracer.

“Personal Data” means any information about an identifiable natural person.

“You” or “User” means the Customer or a representative of the Cutomer who uses Tracer to access services provided by Tracer.

“Visitor” means a person other than the User who has access to the publicly accessible areas of Tracer.

“Integrated Service” means services that are provided by third parties, which enable users and visitors to connect to Tracer.

2. Responsibilities and Consent

The data you store in Tracer belongs to you. We are not interested in its content, unless you authorise us, we do not use it for any purpose other than to serve you. We do not sell it to others. If you are located in the EU, we have “Data Processor” responsibilities for any Personal Data you store in our service under the terms of the European Union General Data Protection Directive (“hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”). You may change or erase your data from the system, change access rights and use it in any lawful way. You have total control over the information you store in Tracer. Therefore, we do not have “Data Controller” liabilities and responsibilities defined in the GDPR for the collection and use of any Personal Data contained within your Customer Data. We will do our best to help you with any problems you encounter while using our service. However, the security measures implemented to ensure your privacy may prevent our staff from examining your data and identify the issues you experience. Even in such cases, you must never share your passwords with our support staff and only provide enough details and screenshots to describe your problem at your sole responsibility. When you decide to grant a member of our staff access to your account in order to get help with a support issue, you responsible for making sure Personal Data is protected. We collect information from various sources including our website, mobile interfaces, clients, third party providers and websites. API, SMS, email and other communication channels. By signing up to Tracer, you consent to our process, store, disclosure, and other usage of this information as set forth in the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.



3. What Information Do We Collect?

3.1 Information Provided by You

When you use Tracer as a user or visitor, we may collect Personal Data. This may include: Registration information: When you register as a user in Tracer, you may provide personal information about yourself and your coworkers. This may include names, positions, phone numbers, email addresses, occupation, language, and other information. Usernames and passwords: You will select a username and password to identify yourself to Tracer. This information is associated with your personal account. Company information: Tracer may ask you to provide information about your company, including industry, organizational structure, employees, business volume, locations. Information about other parties: When using Tracer, you may enter information about other parties who may or may not be Tracer users, and information about these parties is stored in order to provide certain functionality. These may include customers, vendors, providers, contacts and others. Data: In the course of your usage, you may enter various types of data into Tracer, including meetings notes, comments, projects, scheduled events, connections, and others. Location: Sometimes Tracer may ask or offer the option to enter location information. We may also determine your location using your network addresses or information provided by clients or service providers you use to access Tracer. Social network links: You may enter information about yourself or others that may be used to identify profiles and data on other social networks. Connections: You may enter external and internal web links to Tracer. By using Tracer services, you agree to use all collected information in accordance with the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy.

3.2 Information Gathered By You

During your use of Tracer, you may collect information about your customers and users. You are solely responsible for collecting, using, and deleting the data you store in Tracer, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

3.3 Information Automatically Collected

While you are using Tracer, we may automatically record specific information using various technologies, including cookies. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device by your web browser. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies to track your usage of the service, as well as provide certain functionality. We may store all online activity and usage including times, data transfers, and IP addresses.

 3.4 Information Obtained Through Integrated Services

Certain parts of our service, including but not limited to storage, hosting, advertising delivery may be provided by our business partners and other third parties. When we utilize their services, the handling of your information is subject to the same protections set forth in this Policy. You may be given the option of accessing Tracer by using the usernames and passwords of certain services provided by third parties (such as connecting with your Google account), or an Integrated Service authorization option may be used to provide Tracer with necessary information. Before connecting to Tracer using such services, please carefully review the terms of use and privacy policies published by each Integrated Service provider.

 3.5 Information From Other Sources

We may obtain information from third parties and business partners, including Personal Data from outside of Tracer, such as advertisers and Integrated Services. We utilize the information collected to deliver more targeted and relevant content and services. Whenever we utilize third parties to deliver these, we make sure your personally identifying information is not disclosed and we approach the Personal Data in accordance with this Policy.

4. How Do We Use The Information We Collect?

We use the information we collect for the continuity of the services provided by Tracer for the following purposes:

4.1 Improving Our Services

We aim to improve the services we provide to you. Your Personal Data may be stored and processed for the following reasons: to provide new features and products, increase functionality, understand the needs of visitors, and users, respond more quickly to requests and provide better service by improving our communication, develop and diversify our products and services, fulfill our reporting and other obligations. We may use some third party services to store and process the information.

4.2 Contact

We may use your email address and contact information to provide information about the products and services we offer. We always give you the right to opt-out from such communications.

4.3 Providing Customized Services and Insights

During the usage of Tracer, you do not have to re-enter your information by using cookies. We may also utilize the information to personalize services we offer, customize ads, provide content and information, and measure usage trends and habits.

5. Sharing Information


5.1 Information You Share With Others

Tracer is a platform to share information. Various parts of your information will be made available to other users in accordance with your preferences. This may include shared files, contacts, comments and other data. You must make sure you understand how the various settings you are provided with, such as access rights affect the sharing of your data with others.



5.2 Service Providers

Certain parts of our service, including but not limited to storage, hosting, advertising delivery, website analytics may be provided by our business partners and other third parties. When we utilize their services, the handling of your information is subject to the same protections set forth in this policy.

5.3 Legal Disclosure and Prevention of Harm

We respect the laws and regulations of countries we operate in, and when we are legitimately requested to provide your information by a law enforcement agency, we may comply with such a request. If we have sufficient reason to believe that you are engaged in activity that is unlawful or harmful to others, we may decide to hand over the information to law enforcement authorities.

5.4 Property Change

If the Tracer service be sold, acquired or otherwise change ownership, your information will be transferred to the new owners as part of that transaction. The obligations set forth in this policy will bind the new owners in such an event.

6. Data Security

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the information stored on our systems. We take reasonable precautions to protect Personal Data against all unauthorized use, access and abuse. Also, any violation of data security that impacts your data, we will notify you in accordance with the law.

7. Your Rights

Once we receive a request from you regarding handling of your data, we will work to fulfill your request, taking into account our internal procedures and applicable laws. We will respond to all requests within 30 days.

8. Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

We may change this policy at any time without prior notice. We may notify you of important changes by email or website posts, but are under no obligation to do so. You may always view the current policy by following the Privacy link at our website. When we change the policy, we will indicate the date of the last revision here.

9. How to Contact Us

You may contact us by email for any questions or complaints regarding this Policy, your questions about the use of Personal Information.

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