About Us

About Us

Tracer, a brand of Paragon Technology Inc., is an integrated system. Developing in the axis of the project, personnel, customer, it offers a wide business process management with an expanding range of topics such as materials, inventory, field tools, accommodation, and reputation management. Tracer, that offers 3 different solutions in itself, is updated every day. We continue to work in order to provide new solutions.

What is Tracer?
Today, called the information age, the business process needs to be rational, performance-oriented and analyzable. However, workload or other different reasons can cause you to skip several rules that we know or we do not. Tracer, a business process management system, provides you a series of analysis while simplifying your work with exact project management and reporting.

Why Tracer?
No matter what industry you are in, we think that all businesses are factories. You may produce a product, a service or information. The golden rule is to manage your business process effectively. The Industry 4.0 era shows us that the business process is systematic and traceable and the next steps must be predictable. With Tracer, you can easily systematize your business process regardless of the industry sector you work in. Also, you can shape your next steps with smart reporting.

Tracer is based on 3 principles.
• Manager who performs professional business management in accordance with the age.
• Personnel who embraces its business and organizes.
• As a result of two principles, a satisfied customer.

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